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Welcome to SoxySox –

Your Source for the Highest Quality Custom Socks!

We specialize in the highest quality custom designed socks for your team, charity event, business, even as gifts for weddings and parties. Just send us your logo or image – if you don’t have one, our team will help you design one (custom design fee will apply). And we’re sure that you will enjoy our friendly and personal service.

We offer a variety of styles, designs and cuff height for any sport or activity, including cycling, running, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and casual wear.

SoxySox are made of Dryarn®, an innovative ultralight polypropylene microfiber employed in high performance fabric for demanding athletic use.

Dryarn® keeps you warm and dry, allowing perspiration to evaporate freely, and is unaffected by bacteria, mildew, moths and other insects.Dryarn® is grease-resistant, isn’t harmed by cleaning solvents such as acetone or turpentine, and does not absorb stains.It does not emit static charges or attract dust.And Dryarn® is hypoallergenic.

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